Selling at Parts & Labour

Interested in submitting your products to sell at Parts & Labour?

Please DO NOT leave product samples or arrive unannounced for a show-and-tell.

Email us at

  • Briefly tell us about yourself and your work.
  • Please include professional looking images of your products and information on the content and price range.
  • If we like what we see, we’ll email you for an appointment. Replies may take up to two weeks.


If your product is approved, you must fulfill the following initial requirements:

  • All products submitted must be, at minimum, designed by a Texas resident with a valid Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit.
  • Brand must have an online presence, and products must currently be available for sale online (ie. Etsy or your own website).
  • Product of interest must be readily available in volume, and for continuous supply:

      • Clothing (24 pieces: 2 xs / 4 sm / 6 med / 6 lg / 4 xl / 2 xxl)

      • Jewelry or Accessories: multiples of 6

      • Prints: quantities considered on an individual basis

  • One-of-a-kind products can be submitted for review, but undergo a more strict inspection.

  • Proper and thorough branding (each item offered for sale at P&L must include appropriate packaging tag, or label with details including company name, content, and other pertinent information).

  • All jewelry consignors must provide branded tags and care cards in volume for customers.

Vendor would agree that P&L would be the only retailer on S. Congress Ave. (between Riverside Dr. and Live Oak) to offer Consignor’s merchandise for sale.


Though we receive applications daily, not all products can be accepted for a variety of reasons including:

  • Issues with workmanship/craft

  • Similar products already sold in the shop by another vendor

  • Lack of demand for product based on our customer knowledge

  • Underdeveloped concept/product


Thank you for your interest in selling your work at Parts & Labour!